Buying in Bulk

Buying in bulk is about more than just convenience. It's an investment. To help you protect your hard-earned dollars, we're sharing three ways to keep your bulk food fresh. 

Use the Correct Containers

Airtight plastic containers may be the most useful storage option for bulk food. You may also choose to portion out your purchases into individual Ziploc® bags for grab-and-go convenience.

Burlap bags are great for storing items such as coffee, tea, pasta, and beans. Other bags, such as Kootsac bags, are made out of nylon, silk or cotton. These bags are lightweight, washable, and reusable, making them perfect for storing nuts, dried fruit, herbs and spices. 

Stay Cool

Choose to store your food in cool, dry places and away from direct sunlight. Where possible, choose to use pantries and cupboards rather than countertop canisters. First In, First OutFollow the first in, first out method and keep your oldest items toward the front of your pantry or refrigerator. This will prevent items from spoiling as you restock your pantry with newer goods.

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