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Alum Powder (Food Grade) 50lb



Aluminum Sulfate. Est. No. N51370 Registered And Inspected By Us Food & Drug Administration. WarnCauses Eye Irritation - Wash Thoroughly After Handling.


  • Kosher: Yes
  • Non-GMO: Yes

Product Overview

This powder is used to keep pickles crisp. Alum powder is added during the pickle curing process to ensure a crisp and crunchy pickle every time.

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Aug 15th 2023

50 Lb Alum Powder

I can't say one way or other about using the alum powder for food processing but for clearing my pond I give it five stars. It took 150 lbs mixed down in 25 lb batches sprayed across the pond with a high pressure pump. It cleared the pond of trapped clay particles and the fish seem quite happy now that they can see all those tasty bugs on the surface.


Alan Burns

Nov 23rd 2020

Alum Powder

Great product and a fsnysdyic price


Jodie Quarders

Sep 18th 2020

Great Product

Always receive quality product and receive the product quickly.