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Morton Salt

Culinox® Salt (999) 50lb




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Culinox® salt is produced in vacuum pans from chemically purified brine. It undergoes a refining process that reduces impurities such as calcium, magnesium, iron and other heavy metals. Additives are put back in the product. The end result helps to create a consistent and desired flavor and texture for this type of salt.

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Cal Snow

Apr 13th 2024

Morton Culinox salt

Dependable, consistent, uniform product. Well packaged product, safely and securely shipped. Order turn-around excellent.


Ryan Esplain

May 22nd 2023

Order Review

Thank you for the speedy shipment of 10 bags of Culinox salt. However, I lowered my rating because no communication was sent to me regarding when it was shipped, what the tracking number was, and when it would potentially arrive. The online status kept my order at something like: Waiting for Package. When I finally emailed about it, they changed it to being shipped. Then an hour later I noticed the entire pallet was at our facility.


Loretta Yung

Mar 23rd 2021